Putting President Trump’s taxes into context [Podcast]

The New York Times reported that President Trump paid $750 in federal taxes each during two recent years. Given that many people that work as employees pay more than that this created questions to the accounting community. How is that possible? How can I pay that amount? Can that be real? LuSundra Everett, the Home […]

Outsourcing accounting better – a chat with Dean Barta

On this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants Show, Andrew is joined by Dean Barta of Barta Business Group. They discuss the topic of outsourcing accounting. You can listen to the show wherever you listen to podcasts, below and watch on YouTube. You can also read a summary and listen below as well. Outsourcing […]

What is a private Wifi address and should accountants care?

Apple in late 2020 released a new feature for its devices called private wifi addresses. This feature is available for iOS 14, iPadOS 14, and watchOS 7 devices. The goal of this feature is to offer anonymity when regularly connecting to public wifi access points. As an accountant, your important documents or credentials may be […]

Finding clients that work for your accounting firm

On this episode of the podcast Andrew Lassise and Michelle Weinstein, a sales strategist who works with accountants, discuss what goes into finding clients that are a good fit for accounting firms. After some tech issues, they dove right into the topic. “Your internet connection is not stable but you are sitting right next to […]

Small business accounting tips

On this episode of the Tech Talk for Accountants Show Andrew is joined by Will Keller of Scooter Accounting to talk about small business accounting and some of he problems small business face when it comes to accounting. You can listen to the show below or anywhere you listen to podcasts. You can also watch […]

Consider these things when hiring remote tech support

remote tech support

Accounting firms sometimes wonder whether or not they need remote tech support and why that can be better than having in-house IT support. Once you know which attributes are important in a managed service provider you can ask the right questions and know what to look for. In this article, we are breaking down the […]

Distance learning cyber security tips

distance learning cyber security

Children and grandchildren are heading back to school and oftentimes learning via computer. The new normal also now must include distance learning cyber security tips that we need to consider for our children. Are your children safe on their computers? The Washington Post published an article sharing distance learning cyber security tips as well that […]

Canopy, the accounting practice management software

Larry Furr, Chief Product Officer at Canopy, joins Andrew Lassise to talk about accounting practice management software and specifically Canopy. You can listen to the episode below, watch the video or read the article, which is based on the interview. Who is Larry Furr, Chief Product Officer at Canopy? Larry has been building cloud-based software […]

How likely is a vishing attack to happen to me?

vishing attacks

Vishing attacks are on the rise, according to federal officials, and can cause real harm to people and businesses. This article from your team at Rush Tech Support is sharing the latest and offers some tips. Vishing attacks are related to phishing scam attacks and try to dupe people into turning over personal information through […]