Don’t miss these computer updates and avoid data breaches

Making sure your computer updates are done regularly is a large component of cybersecurity. Good software developers regularly send out updates for their software. These computer updates can be: to patch bugs improve overall performance lockdown any potential security exploits. Your computer’s operating system is the foundation that the rest of the computer’s software is

2FA for Accounting Firms – necessary?

We have become accustomed to keeping track of countless usernames and passwords to access our accounts. Two-factor authentication (2FA) adds an additional layer of protection on top of these traditional security measures. In conjunction with your username and password, additional approval or codes must be entered. Sometimes, 2FA is also referred to as two-step authentication.

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What is malware?

We get asked the question all the time at Rush Tech support: “What is Malware?” Most of the time people have a firm understanding of what a virus is but don’t realize that viruses fall under the larger umbrella of malware. So what is malware exactly? Malware is software that intentionally causes damage to a